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These data are no longer relevant. Please update the page.
Առաքման ուղղությունների թարմացումներին կարող եք ծանոթանալ այստեղ
Առաքման ուղղությունների թարմացումներին կարող եք ծանոթանալ այստեղ

Restricted Items

In this section we present the list of products that are forbidden for international shipping. We are not obligated to deliver any goods that are prohibited to be transported according to the legislation of the mentioned country or Armenia.

Among the forbidden items there are weapons and ammunitions; dangerous, quickly explosive items for health and surrounding atmosphere; medicine, expensive metal molds or scrape, currency (including lottery tickets), fresh or dried plants, animals (including fur), exclusive pieces of art, ECCN - export control surveillance electronic equipment required a regular number, fast spoiling food.

When we get a forbidden item at our warehouse, we will not be responsible for it. And only the customer takes the responsibility for returning or completely destroying, or preserving the item at the warehouse.

It is important.

When the airline company refuses to ship items for some reason based on the law prohibiting air shipping, in this case, the parcel will be sent back.

You can see the list of prohibited items and dangerous goods for air shipping here .